Life Swap Package


After I had organised the sewing surprises swap I had realised I was so focused on making sure everyone else had a partner and knew what they were doing I forgot to include myself in it all…

Tweeting about my silly mistake Leila from the three dresses project was so sweet and offered to send me a package! I graciously accepted and offered to send her something in return. (As well as receiving packages I also enjoy sending happy mail too.)

We basically did the same formula as the sewing surprises swap but opted to change it to a life package instead of a sewing bases package, random things we think the other would love which we could include anything…..and this is the wonderful package she sent me.

Lots of sewing goodies

Well this is how our friendship started with a love of sewing goodness, I’ve mentioned time and again my love of the friendly sewing community I’ve found myself apart of and being able to participate in swaps like this just makes it even better.

A cute purse from Columbia

I seriously needed a small bag in my life I think I was just in denial but now I have one which will do perfectly for my trip to Ireland in July, I’m on holiday – there’s no need to carry a massive bag full of the crap I usually hump around with me…right?

Red cups

Anyone who follows me on twitter (@sparklysupanova) will know of my serious obsession with all things America! Growing up watching American teen based shows and movies like One Tree Hill I always saw these red cups when they had parties (I never thought about the fact that you have to be 21 to drink in the states but they were getting drunk every other weekend whilst still at school… oh the shame ha ha) I just thought these cups were cool!

White M+M’s

Obviously being obsessed with all things American my love of ‘candy’ is certainly apart of that! So being sent some M+M’s I hadn’t tried before was cool! (I’m obsessed with the peanut butter ones! – seriously you US peeps don’t know how lucky you are ha ha) I’m slowly working my way through the bag.

I loved the package I received and I cant wait to be apart of more swaps! thank you Leila!


Wish List Wednesday… the beauty edition.

BEAUTY is the illumination of your soul.

Im in love with beauty bloggers….and i seem to be obsessed with American beauty products at the moment, i just wish i could get my hands on them!

Yes To tomato moisturizer

Yes To tomato moisturizer

Loreal go 360 clean deep facial cleanser for sensitive skin

Loreal go 360 clean deep facial cleanser for sensitive skin

Loreal 360 Clean deep exfoliating scrub

Loreal 360 Clean deep exfoliating scrub

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil

Cetaphil cleanser

Cetaphil cleanser

Jergens Natural Glow face tanning moisturizer

Jergens Natural Glow face tanning moisturiser

Sewing Suprises… Reveal

(this isn't my image - ive stolen it from the internet)

(this isnt my image – ive stolen it from the internet)

Sewing Surprises.

Last month I organised sewing surprises swap – to help make friends in the sewing community which in the end would result in a surprise package full of sewing goodies to help us along with our sewing endeavours.

This was my first swap that I had organised and I was lucky enough to have some lovely participants who made the whole thing run smoothly…

So here are the blog posts about the wonderful surprises the participants received!!!

I loved organising this swap and will defiantly be organising another soon! so for all those who missed it keep your eyes peeled!!

(all blog posts havent been written yet BUT all packages have been received)

Beauty Haul (April)

Lately I’ve had a massive obsession with beauty bloggers and beauty products so I went out at the weekend and splurged on a little haul for myself.

c - Copy

Sheer blonde leave in conditioner

I’ve always wanted nice hair, but I have curly thick hair that I’ve never found my style with… a while ago I cut my hair into a bob ala Fearne Cotton Esq. and vowed to look after my hair more and try many wonderful you tube video styles on it and I suppose trying different hair products is all apart of that.

Cue sheer blonde leave in conditioner, so far I’m liking this leave in spray it leaves my hair soft and so far I haven’t noticed any advanced greasiness before my next wash – that is a must for me, I feel like I wash my hair more than most due to greasy hair so extra grease is a definite no no!

Bumble and bumble samples

My friend and I were checking out the new bumble and bumble range at Boots as we recognised it from our many trips to Sephora on our recent visit to New York. There was a member of staff handing out samples of another product that saw us swooning and was very nice and helpful (a big like of mine!) and raided her secret stash to give us some free samples (a very big love of mine!)

I’ve been victim many times of the lets pay a silly amount for a product and it not work for you curse! So I do love a good-sized tester

Neutrogena blackhead eliminating scrub

Those little blackheads are the bane of my life, I’ve lost count on how much money I’ve wasted over the years trying to keep those little suckers at bay – from the tools to the lotions, the face maskers, the steamers, the scrubs and the strips ive tried them all so I thought I may as well keep trying… something might work in the end.

Revlon Nearly naked foundation

I’ve been trying to make an effort with my ‘day look’ which seems to be the way I look 99% of the time so I decided I would try to wear a little natural make up for work, to cover the redness and odd blemish I may have. I’m a great believer in the fact that I’m going to work not a fashion show or a disco so going to work in skyscraper heels is totally unacceptable in my job

Revlon Lip butter

These have been the talk of the beauty blogger world lately which started for me when one of my favourite bloggers from New York was coveting them, then I started noticing more and more positive comments so I decided on Sugar Frosting and Peach Parfait and now wish I got the Candy Apple

Herbal essence uplifting volume shampoo

I have thick to root curly hair but I always feel my hair falls flat after drying and straightening, so I love a bit of volume in my hair on nights out so I’m constantly on the search for products that may work and after watching a TV programme about how middle priced products normally work out better and more value for your money than the uber cheap or super expensive

Bioderma make up remover

Another beauty must have from the beauty blogger world I ordered the double pack off the internet and split it with my friend who also wanted to try it, and I’ve recently read an article saying that bioderm is heading to the UK.


My arch nemesis of this post has to go jointly to the black heads and the greasy hair…I will conquer you one day!

(Future beauty wish list purchases)

Cetaphil face wash

Revlon lip butter in Candy Apple

How to: Get out of a sewing funk


How to: Get out of a sewing funk

Get ‘sewcialising’ – chatting to fellow sewers over social networking sites like twitter can be so encouraging, I LOVE all the talented, kind, friendly and inspiring women (and men) I chat to on twitter. Anything from a sewing query to the pictures of the beautiful fabric they share can inspire me to get creating something of my very own that I want to show them!

Blogs – reading and commenting on other sewing blogs can spur you on in your sewing endeavours. Seeing what other people are sewing and creating then commenting on how lovely you think it is can be nice for the blogger to read as well as getting you involved in the sewing community.

Sharing – the knowledge you have may help solve a problem, helping others out is a nice thing to do, there maybe sometime you need help with a sewing conundrum.

Videos – watching how someone does something you find difficult can help a lot sometimes reading instructions and looking at photos isn’t clear enough when you’re just not getting it.

Pick a simple project to get you into the swing of things – make the 5 sleep masks, or the 10 pairs of frilly knickers!!! Sometimes immersing yourself in a project you don’t have to think about or get stressed over can help get your confidence back and show you that you can actually sew.

Try a little refashioning – don’t have the time or the energy to start sewing a new project but still want to do something, refashion some of your old stuff – sew lace onto a shirt or buttons to that pillow you wanted to throw out, take in that dress that’s too big for you, and dye that coat that’s seen better days!

Make do and mend – sew the hole in your old pj bottoms, take up those trousers – you know you could create a big list of items that need mending.

Join a swap – getting happy mail with things you may never have chosen for yourself can be very exciting, it can also a good way of stash busting….which can lead to more fabric buying.

Go on buy that fabric you’ve wanted – sometimes having a splurge can help get you back to sewing, creating with something so pretty is totally worth paying the extra pennies now and again.

Join a sew a long – working on a project that a few other people are working on too can be a great way to encourage each other along, its amazing to see how many different results can come from the same pattern, it can be also handy if you’re having issues with a particular instruction.

Schedule some sewing time when your favourite programme is on or choose a DVD boxed set to watch – sewing at the same time every week whilst your favourite show is on can help you get back into a routine, it’s a set time during the week that you know to keep aside for yourself.

Make yourself a sewing cd – something to put on whilst your sewing away, a mix of your favourite songs can help pass the time.

Just do a little bit – trying to do something sewing related for 10 minutes a day can get a lot done, even it’s some unpicking or sorting out that stash of zips.

Try not to pressure yourself – if sewing is your hobby, try not to put too much pressure on yourself and take it too seriously, your learning, mistakes happen and just remember how good it feels when you get something right and create something beautiful.

Do you have any tips or tricks when you’re stuck in a sewing rut?

Sewing Suprises inspiration and ideas

(this isnt my image - ive stolen it from the internet)

(this isn’t my image – ive stolen it from the internet)

Ideas to help you along the way…

March matches have been made and emails have been sent!

i thought id give you some ideas as to what you could send in your package…


Sewing bits and bobs (buttons, zips, embellishments, bias, ribbon, snaps etc)

Homemade CD you can sew to

Sewing patterns

A personalised tutorial

The items can be yours/bought/thrifted/hand-made/vintage

It’s amazing that your partner could find inspiration from the tiniest little detail you give so get chatty! Don’t be afraid to ask questions but remember if there’s something you really want it may not be possible for your partner to provide it.

The whole idea of the swap is that you get a nice surprise.. And possibly things you wouldn’t pick up in the store or maybe even have easy access to in your country.

For example (if it was me..)

things you love other than sewing? I snail mail, love to cook, read and travel.

A list of favourites for me its owls, Paris, New York, skulls, butterflies, black, pink, vintage, Stars, Autumn

My sewing wish list – to sew my own dresses and actually wear them!

It could be stuff you collect, places you want to see, books you want to read, favourite quotes etc

As well as swapping a packages your creating a new friendship so go share.

***please remember where you are posting to when choosing the items you are sending***

Sewing Suprises SIGN UP (March)

(this isnt my image - ive stolen it from the internet)

(this isn’t my image – ive stolen it from the internet)

The details for this swap are as follows:

You must send an email to: by Friday 15th March 2013 if you would like to participate in the swap.

You will receive your partner by Monday 18th March 2013

You must then contact your partner within 2 days of receiving their info…then let the emailing commence

The person you will be sending to will not necessarily be the person you are receiving your parcel from!

Your partner may live in a different country to you!

You then have until the 13th April 2013 to mail your package (please remember if your parcel is heading overseas allow extra travelling time so maybe try to send it earlier to save expensive postage)

Then you have until the 28th April 2013 which will be reveal day and you post your blog/and guest blog about the package you received.

***please read the rules before signing up!!***