Challenge accepted… Well kind of


Little old England covered in snow…

Well 2013 hasn’t been full of sewy goodness like id hoped. In fact it hasn’t been full of anything really. Typical me! Good job I don’t make New Years resolutions!

Snow has arrived here in England and so has the gloomy look on people’s faces. Bad weather disrupts everything here…

However I’m feeling happy and inspired (this is me most of the time). I may not have sewn for over 2 weeks but I have been reading all of your lovely blogs, chatting on twitter and generally loving the little sewing community I’m hoping to be apart of.

Chatting to one of my twitter friends @FreddievonFred and she was saying how she tries to do one sewing related thing a day. I mean I could do that too, right?… Wrong! I’ve been intending to so this for the last week – its not that I haven’t got the material, the patterns or the inspiration. I don’t even think it’s the drive that’s missing. Honesty lets me tell you that its fear, fear of failing. The difficulty of being self-taught, the terminology, the need to understand quicker than I’m able to. After a long day at work my brain is too fried for me to take any new information on board!

A blog I’ve completely fallen in love with is @ReFashionista_ I feel so inspired and capable when I read her blog its unreal! And the fact she actually wears her creations out of the house is amazing!!! I don’t think id ever be that confident in my sewing skills to be able to wear something to a girls night out with confidence that it wouldn’t fall apart on the dance floor.

But that’s what my new journey is about, It’s supposed to be about me learning to sew and being confident in myself enough to say ‘yes I made this’ – without telling the person asking that yes I made it… but I messed up on the zip and if you look really close at the seam it’s totally wonky and I’m sure there’s a hole in there somewhere.

As a whole I’m a very happy and content person I have no clue why I have this insecurity when it comes to sewing.

So I’m accepting the challenge, it’s going to take time and some major pep talks but one day I’m going to be a smiley, helpful, happy and confident part of the sewing community!

Now where’s that fabric….


4 thoughts on “Challenge accepted… Well kind of

  1. The best part of the sewing community is the many levels that people are on, but still they accept and embrace eachother! A see and sew skirt made with love and inspiration will get just as much applause as a Chanel inspired jacket- everyone wants to include and support. Its really wonderful- come play!

  2. Take heart! We all started exactly where you are! And even the most experienced among us can still see all of the “flaws” in what we make, but we have learned to see our work as others see it, others who don’t have the same critical eye and inside knowledge that we do. This takes as much practice as the sewing itself:-) And just a little confidence boosting tip, start looking at critical details on the off the rack clothes you buy at the store. When you look really close you will find it is not all perfection and good sewing practice! You will also come to realize that most of us don’t ever look very closely at our clothes. When is the last time you thoroughly examined the construction of a zipper before you bough that pair of pants?
    Basically what I am trying to say is relax, cut your self some slack, and find joy in what you are doing. Perfection and skill will come with time, but what is the point if you hate sewing by the time you get there? Allow yourself to make mistakes, it is perfectly normal and part of the learning process. Mozart didn’t become Mozart overnight!
    Best wishes!

  3. Oh man, you should see my first project! I tried really really hard to make it perfect, I finished all the seams, spent ages putting in and taking off the yoke. Hand-picked the zipper even! but it is pretty shockingly bad, though. The zip – which I unpicked and sewed back in with the machine, is a disaster and my seam finishing didn’t stop the fabric from fraying at all!

    You know what? I still wear it anyway… I just make sure I wear a cardigan to cover up the inch gap at the top of the zipper and keep a pair of scissors nearby to cut fraying threads!

    My advice is to use cheap fabric for the first couple of makes – and try the same pattern a few times. It gets easier!

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