Sewing Suprises inspiration and ideas

(this isnt my image - ive stolen it from the internet)

(this isn’t my image – ive stolen it from the internet)

Ideas to help you along the way…

March matches have been made and emails have been sent!

i thought id give you some ideas as to what you could send in your package…


Sewing bits and bobs (buttons, zips, embellishments, bias, ribbon, snaps etc)

Homemade CD you can sew to

Sewing patterns

A personalised tutorial

The items can be yours/bought/thrifted/hand-made/vintage

It’s amazing that your partner could find inspiration from the tiniest little detail you give so get chatty! Don’t be afraid to ask questions but remember if there’s something you really want it may not be possible for your partner to provide it.

The whole idea of the swap is that you get a nice surprise.. And possibly things you wouldn’t pick up in the store or maybe even have easy access to in your country.

For example (if it was me..)

things you love other than sewing? I snail mail, love to cook, read and travel.

A list of favourites for me its owls, Paris, New York, skulls, butterflies, black, pink, vintage, Stars, Autumn

My sewing wish list – to sew my own dresses and actually wear them!

It could be stuff you collect, places you want to see, books you want to read, favourite quotes etc

As well as swapping a packages your creating a new friendship so go share.

***please remember where you are posting to when choosing the items you are sending***


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