How to: Get out of a sewing funk


How to: Get out of a sewing funk

Get ‘sewcialising’ – chatting to fellow sewers over social networking sites like twitter can be so encouraging, I LOVE all the talented, kind, friendly and inspiring women (and men) I chat to on twitter. Anything from a sewing query to the pictures of the beautiful fabric they share can inspire me to get creating something of my very own that I want to show them!

Blogs – reading and commenting on other sewing blogs can spur you on in your sewing endeavours. Seeing what other people are sewing and creating then commenting on how lovely you think it is can be nice for the blogger to read as well as getting you involved in the sewing community.

Sharing – the knowledge you have may help solve a problem, helping others out is a nice thing to do, there maybe sometime you need help with a sewing conundrum.

Videos – watching how someone does something you find difficult can help a lot sometimes reading instructions and looking at photos isn’t clear enough when you’re just not getting it.

Pick a simple project to get you into the swing of things – make the 5 sleep masks, or the 10 pairs of frilly knickers!!! Sometimes immersing yourself in a project you don’t have to think about or get stressed over can help get your confidence back and show you that you can actually sew.

Try a little refashioning – don’t have the time or the energy to start sewing a new project but still want to do something, refashion some of your old stuff – sew lace onto a shirt or buttons to that pillow you wanted to throw out, take in that dress that’s too big for you, and dye that coat that’s seen better days!

Make do and mend – sew the hole in your old pj bottoms, take up those trousers – you know you could create a big list of items that need mending.

Join a swap – getting happy mail with things you may never have chosen for yourself can be very exciting, it can also a good way of stash busting….which can lead to more fabric buying.

Go on buy that fabric you’ve wanted – sometimes having a splurge can help get you back to sewing, creating with something so pretty is totally worth paying the extra pennies now and again.

Join a sew a long – working on a project that a few other people are working on too can be a great way to encourage each other along, its amazing to see how many different results can come from the same pattern, it can be also handy if you’re having issues with a particular instruction.

Schedule some sewing time when your favourite programme is on or choose a DVD boxed set to watch – sewing at the same time every week whilst your favourite show is on can help you get back into a routine, it’s a set time during the week that you know to keep aside for yourself.

Make yourself a sewing cd – something to put on whilst your sewing away, a mix of your favourite songs can help pass the time.

Just do a little bit – trying to do something sewing related for 10 minutes a day can get a lot done, even it’s some unpicking or sorting out that stash of zips.

Try not to pressure yourself – if sewing is your hobby, try not to put too much pressure on yourself and take it too seriously, your learning, mistakes happen and just remember how good it feels when you get something right and create something beautiful.

Do you have any tips or tricks when you’re stuck in a sewing rut?